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General terms of collaboration

1. Parts
The parties to this agreement are Brand and Brander- collectively referred to as “Parties” or individually as “Party”.

Brandarmies España SL, Brandarmies Aps and the rest of the WouBiz Group companies (hereinafter Brandarmies), acts as the mediator of the contact between Brand and Brander, being the owner of the platform where the collaboration between the Parties materializes.

This agreement legally binds Brand and Brander, and is, therefore, binding on the Parties.
Brandarmies is not a legal party to this agreement, being, therefore, exempt from all liability in case of breach between the Parties. This also applies to any liability arising from shipments or features of products or services related to the collaboration.

2. Terms & Conditions
By accepting these conditions, the Parties accept all the legal terms and general conditions of Brandarmies that are available on the platform and private profiles of the Parties, as well as on our website.

It is the responsibility of each individual party to keep informed of the terms of the collaboration, as well as the agreements entered into with the other party. In particular, the Brander specifically undertakes to respect the conditions of collaboration required by the Brand, under the principle of contractual good faith, and will carry out with its best effort and knowledge the agreement established by the parties in order to obtain the best possible results for the Brand.

If a Party rejects the conditions, the agreement shall be deemed invalid.

Any disagreement or conflict between the parties originating outside the platform shall not bind Brandarmies. To this end, all communications between the Parties will be carried out within the platform, through the internal Chat tool, to ensure due mediation between the parties in case of disagreement.

Collaboration agreements and especially economic transactions, referring to this collaboration, which does not constitute in any case a labor or commercial remuneration, are prohibited. Brandarmies is therefore exempt, and this is acknowledged by both Parties, leaving Brandarmies free and harmless against any claim by the parties or a third party, including and especially any public entity, from liability for legal, tax or commercial infractions, derived from agreements established between the parties outside the means of communication established within the platform for collaboration agreements.

Sticking to the means of contact established for this collaboration agreement between the Parties, is the only way to be able to submit to the mediation of Brandarmies and is the only possibility for the parties that Brandarmies can ensure the success of the collaborations.

3. Termination of the agreement
The collaboration agreement may be cancelled by both parties as long as neither party is prejudiced. In the event that a Brander does not complete the collaboration, it will be individually responsible for reimbursing the Brand for any possible damage or disbursement, and specifically, to cover exclusively all possible costs related to the return of products delivered for the collaboration, or with the payment at market price of services provided.

The Party requesting the termination of the agreement must communicate it by e-mail to hola@brandarmies.com, mentioning the specific agreement and communicating the express will to terminate the agreement.

4. Breach
In the event of a reliable breach of the collaboration agreement established by the Parties, the following conditions will apply:
– The Brand will have the right to have the promotional product returned to it in the original conditions.
– It is the responsibility of the Brander to contact the Brand in case of not being able to comply with the collaboration agreement.

5. Communications and agreements between the parties outside the platform.
Brand and Brander must communicate compulsorily through the internal messaging system in brandarmies.com, established to guarantee the mediation of Brandarmies in case of default of the parties.
Establishing collaborations or carrying out communications outside the platform of Brandarmies, exempts Brandarmies.com from any possibility of mediation on the agreement between the Parties, and could entail legal, fiscal or administrative obligations for them, or even give rise to or be constitutive of infringement or crime. In all cases, Brandarmies is expressly released by the Parties from any liability arising from communications carried out outside the messaging system of the platform, and even more so from collaborations carried out directly between the parties.

Therefore, it is established as mandatory for the effectiveness of this collaboration agreement, the use of the internal chat of the platform for communications between the parties.

If in doubt, please contact hola@brandarmies.com