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What is Brandarmies?

Brandarmies is an innovative company that offers a unique solution for connecting brands with micro-influencers on social media. With its digital platform, Brandarmies enables brands to enhance their sales and increase their visibility quickly and effectively by creating collaborations with micro-influencers.

The company strives to make the connection between brands and micro-influencers as simple as possible, using its digital platform to facilitate the search and selection of the right micro-influencers for each brand.

What is a Brand?

In Brandarmies, it is the name we give to any business that wants to promote itself through collaboration with people “like you and me”, and that convey credibility in their posts.

Advantages of working with micro-influencers

The objective of Brandarmies is to connect small businesses with people like you and me who are active on social media but with a reduced number of followers. This gives them greater credibility, among other advantages (they are known as micro influencers or Branders for us).

Accessibility. Branders promote brands and products that they themselves can access and, therefore, their audience can also.

Veracity. Branders are not advertising professionals, they are people with profiles that they use to share their life and experiences, so any product they promote carries with it a personal recommendation that has the same effect as a recommendation from a friend. They have no incentives not to be honest since they do not receive money in exchange for their opinions or commissions for sales.

Segmentation. Your promotion reaches a specific target audience with greater precision than using ads on social networks.

Economic advantages. Very low cost per publication and per impact compared to professional influencers, added to a very broad potential audience. All at a cost similar to an ad on social networks, but with much more effect.

How do I create my Brand profile?

Once you have registered on Brandarmies as a Brand, you must define your profile. It is important that you do it in detail so that the Branders have the best information about you.

To profile yourself correctly, you must introduce:

Your contact information with Brandarmies

The sector or sectors that best fit your business and what type of business it is (e-commerce, physical store or customer delivery)

The social networks in which you want the Branders to promote your brand Your interests: It is important to profile your interests well, keep in mind that the platform will propose Branders who share your same interests. You can choose up to a maximum of 28 and you can modify them at any time. Choose an image of good quality that represents you as a brand. You can edit it and adjust it to the size and format that you like best. It can be your logo, a product, a photo of your store…

And… That’s it!

Easy, right?

Remember that you can contact our Brand Support Service for any questions you may have and help with your first collaboration.

A tip: when you finish, check your profile well and, above all, make sure the links to your social networks work correctly.

How can I contact Brandarmies?

“If you are a Brander, you can send us an email at support@brandarmies.com or contact us through our social media channels. Our Community Management team will respond to you as soon as possible.

If you are a Brand, you have several options:

Send us an email at support@brandarmies.com tell us what you need, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Through our social media channels. Our Community Management team will respond to you as soon as possible.”

Can I change the email associated with my account?

Yes, you can change the email associated with your account by accessing the Account Details from the main menu within the platform.

How is it paid?

Subscription fees and contributions are collected through credit card. But don’t worry, Brandarmies only uses leading payment gateways in the market and will never store your credit card information. This information will be fully protected through this payment gateway, as with any trusted e-commerce you know. Nevertheless, if you would like a different payment method, please contact us (FAQ 9) and we will evaluate your case.

Can I change my profile on Brandarmies?

Sure! Simply click on your name in the top right corner of the platform and then select “Edit Profile”. If you are on your mobile device, you can access it through the “Profile” option in the bottom menu. You will access your profile and you can change any data or interests you want.

What advantages does Brandarmies give me?

If you are a Brand, you can give great visibility to your business through the Branders you collaborate with. Since Branders are mainly micro and nanoinfluencers, you will get visibility and credibility for your brand at a low price. Additionally, visits and interactions with your social media will increase.

If you are a Brander, you will have a powerful tool to perform collaborations for those Brands that identify with your profile and values. You can promote products and services that you identify with, providing credibility for both parties.

How many Branders can I invite to a collaboration?

With the Standard subscription, you can invite up to a maximum of 5 Branders, but remember that you can contract a Premium subscription where you can, among other advantages, expand the limit of the Branders you invite to your collaborations. Just keep in mind the type of reward you want to offer the Branders and the impact it will have on you, and make sure the profile of the Branders fits your values and the product or service you want to promote.

Remember that the more Branders you choose, the greater the reach of your collaboration will be, and your rewards should reflect the value of the work you expect from them.

What rewards can I offer to the Branders?

The goal of both you and us is for the Branders to promote your products or services through their social media. To do this, they must know about them, otherwise the collaboration will not be credible for their followers.

You have three options for rewarding a Brander:

Send them a product as a sample (recommended): This way they can get to know your product better and show it in their posts.

Discount: You can offer them a discount code to use in their next purchases.

Coupons: Alternatively, a redeemable coupon in their next purchases.

Think about the best way to promote your business through rewards.

How does influencer marketing work?

Influence marketing is the use of influencers to promote a product or service. In this case, an influencer is an individual or organization that uses their social media as a communication channel to promote a brand in exchange for compensation. The brand enters into an agreement with the profile owner to make a promotion or review of their business through a post on their social networks so that it reaches their followers, the target audience of the collaboration. At Brandarmies, we bring influence marketing to small businesses as well, connecting brands with everyday people, small influencers without a follower limit but who perform sincere and more credible promotions for their followers, delivering more effective campaigns at an affordable price for small businesses.

What are Branders and how can they help Brands?

Branders are small influencers, individuals (people, blogs, channels, etc.) with a presence on social media, who want to use their profiles to promote your business.

In Brandarmies, you will not find big stars and celebrities promoting products in exchange for large sums of money, with great reach, but that do not add credibility to your brand.

Branders are people “like you and me”, who believe in the products they help promote and whose recommendations are credible in their following network, which is usually linked by a more personal bond than those of influencers with millions of followers.

Through the Brandarmies platform, Brands (brands) will be able to search for which Branders are best associated with their business and offer them the opportunity to participate in collaborations. The Branders will make posts on their social media with the conditions and products that the Brand decides and, in return, will receive products, discounts, and/or coupons.

Thanks to these collaborations, Brands can reach a much wider potential audience, simply and at a very low cost.

How do I sign up for Brandarmies?

Creating your profile on Brandarmies is very simple.

On the main page of Brandarmies (support@brandarmies.com), click on the icon in the top bar and select “Sign up as a company” if you are a Brand; or “Sign up as an Influencer” if you are a Brander. Next, fill in your login information and click on “Create account” (you must accept the membership conditions).

You’re in! Now, enter the platform and profile yourself so that you can highlight your interests.”

How do I create my Brander profile?

Once you have registered on Brandarmies as a Brander, you must define your profile. It is important that you do it in detail so that Brands have the best information about you and can find you.

To properly profile yourself, you should enter:

Your contact information with Brandarmies Indicate if you are an individual or a company, your gender, and your age (you must be of legal age). The social networks in which you participate, and the link and number of followers of each of them. It is very important that you correctly put the link to each of your social networks so that Brands can see and get to know you well and invite you to their collaborations, and that the profiles you want to use are open or in “public” mode. Your interests: It is important to profile your interests well, keep in mind that the platform will propose to the Brand those Branders who share their same interests. You can choose up to a maximum of 28 interests. You can change them later. Choose an image that represents you. You can edit it and adjust it to the size and format that you like best.

And… That’s it!

Easy, right?

Remember, however, that you can contact us at support@brandarmies.com for any questions you may have when profiling and we will help you.”

What do I do if I forgot my password?

To recover your password, click on “SIGN IN” on the Brandarmies main page (www.brandarmies.com).

Click on the “Forgot your password?” link and enter the email address you used to register.

You will receive an email with a link to a page where you can enter your new password. Remember that it must have at least 8 characters.

If you don’t receive the email, check the “Spam” or “Junk” folder. If you still can’t find it, contact us through the available means (refer to the FAQ, “How can I contact Brandarmies?” and we will assist you (FAQ 9).

How much does Brandarmies cost?

For Brands, the Standard subscription is monthly or annual and includes one collaboration per month with up to 5 Branders. Additional collaborations will be charged separately. You can check the rates by accessing the platform, under the Prices option.

You can also subscribe to a Premium subscription, which includes more options and configuration possibilities for collaborations, as well as specialized personal support.

Please contact our sales team for more information on the terms and ways of subscribing.

For Branders, the platform is free.

When is it paid?

The first subscription is paid at the time of subscription, where you can choose between a monthly or annual subscription. Once the subscription is paid, the features associated with creating collaborations and searching for Branders will be activated.

The subscription renewal will be automatic at the end of the current subscription period.

Additional collaborations will be charged on the day the collaboration period begins (remember that this is the period when invited Branders have already accepted and can start publishing). If on that date no Brander has accepted the invitation, the collaboration will not be charged.

What is a collaboration?

A collaboration is a commercial action that you take with the goal of promoting your business through social media by contacting Branders who will publish their posts to their network of contacts.

And with Brandarmies, it’s very easy!

Decide what you want to promote (product and/or service), how to promote it (for example, the posting of a photo with the information you want), and the social media networks where you want the post to be seen.
Decide how you want Branders to sign up for your collaboration.
Decide what reward you want to give them.

How do I communicate with the Branders?

You have several options.

You can use the communications system from within a collaboration, where you will have an open chat with all the Branders participating in your collaboration.
From the messages tool.
You can go to a Brander’s profile, and from there send an internal message to contact them.

And if no one signs up for my collaboration?

Don’t worry!

If no Branders accept your invitation, the collaboration will not be charged to you and it won’t count as part of your monthly subscription.

Don’t get discouraged, advertising isn’t easy, try again and create another collaboration, analyzing what you can change to make the Branders feel attracted to it.

And if you’re not sure, contact the Brandarmies Brand Support Service, where we’ll help you with all your questions.